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Diego Olivero is a Guatemalan born designer with a multidisciplinary career based on creativity, craftsmanship and social consciousness. He received his BA with honors in Industrial Design, at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. 

Diego’s passion for handcrafted objects and design drove him to co-fund Meso Goods, a social enterprise working with more than 550 artisans families in Guatemala, Peru, Haiti and Honduras, distributing products in more than 20 countries, through Museums, Retail Stores and Exhibitions, generating sustainable economic development for artisan families. His design work is available at West Elm, Anthropology, CB2, Madewell, ABC Carpet and Home, Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), Santa Barbara Museum of Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, Perez Art Museum (PAM), San Antonio Museum of Art, among others. 

As partner at his firm Olivero Bland Studio, Diego has worked in different architectural, interior design and installation projects in Guatemala, Venezuela, Miami, Brazil, Honduras, Panama and the UK. Though his creative language Diego has received different recognitions and awards and received the Public Medal by the London Design Biennale 2018 for the Guatemalan Pavilion Palopo, also recently won a Gold Medal at the World Biennale of Interior Designers in Mexico City. 

In 2016 became part of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative by the United States Department of State, for being a leader and social entrepreneur. This lead him to co-create a Social Driven Platform CONVERSA, a place to learn, share, connect and act for social good.  

Diego’s understanding and study of materials, has led him to expand his range of work focusing on mixed media for the development of his products, interiors and installations.


Design for Impact


Diego´s understanding and success of impact that can be achieved through design, has lead him to innovate in social design driven projects. Through his creative approach Diego’s work now impacts the life of artisans in developing countries using design as the primary tool to promote handmade products, continue traditions and create sustainable impact in developing countries. 

Exploring and working in many techniques in Guatemala innovating in design, yet maintaining local craftsmanship, Diego works collectively with more than 500 artisan families in Guatemala, working in Pedal Loom, Wool Weaving, Back Strap Loom Weaving, Beading, Recycled Glass, Wood Carving, between others. 

Today Diego works collectively with artisans from Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Haiti, Morocco and India and has introduced more than 50 thousands artisan made products to market, creating a real sustainable impact in underprivileged communities around the globe. 

The implementation of successful and sustainable partnerships has lead him to become a change maker in the social impact industry in Latin America. He is the director of an impact platform called Conversa, a space to promote social design driven projects, learn, share and connect for social good. 

Diego directed the design efforts for Pintando Santa Catarina Palopo, a project that aims to paint 850 houses using traditional indigenous motifs of Guatemala, creating sustainable community based out of tourism. Diego lead the creative and design efforts in collaboration with community leaders to design, implement a create this gigantic public installation in the shores of Lake Atitltan, in Guatemala. 




Creative Direction
Concept Development
Social Design for Impact 
Object Design
Textile Design
Interior Design Design


Installation Projects


Pintando Santa Catarina Palopo – Santa Catarina Palopo, Guatemala 
Palopo – London Design Biennale – London,  UK – 2018
Ixchel – London International Fashion Showcase – London - UK 2017
Sin Nombre – Guatemala City - Guatemala - 2016


Interior Design


Meso Goods – Guatemala City – Guatemala 
La Esquina – Guatemala City, Guatemala 
Nokiate  - Guatemala City, Guatemala 
Crea8 – Antigua Guatemala 
Casa Catorce – Residential Design 2018 – Guatemala City, Guatemala 
Ikin Hotel and Spa – Isla de Margarita, Venezuela
Golden Tower, - Panama City, Panama
Casa Palopo – Santa Catarina Palopo – Guatemala 
Adra Hostel – Antigua Guatemala – Guatemala 
Los Tres Tiempos – Antigua Guatemala – Guatemala 
Azotea – Centro Historico, Guatemala, Guatemala. 
Xoom – Guatemala – Guatemala


Design for Impact


Meso Goods – Guatemala City – Guatemala 
Conversa – Social Design – Guatemala City – Guatemala 
Conversa – Sustainable Fashion – Guatemala City, Guatemala 
Pintando Santa Catarina Palopo – Santa Catarina Palopo, Guatemala The Atitlán Project - Social Design - Guatemala, Honduras, India, Brooklyn NYC




West Elm
ABC Carpet and Home
Lou and Gray
Mark and Graham
Free People
Paper Source


Talks & Seminars


Crafting a Brighter Future: The Power of Social Design - A/D/O - Brooklyn, NY, 2019
Color – Universidad Francisco Marroquín - Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2019
Successful Design + Artisan Partnerships – Nest + West Elm – New York City, NY, 2019
Outside The Mainstream / Develop Products with Artisan Producers - New York City, NY, 2019 
GuateMaya – Artisan Platforms – Museo Ixchel – Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2019
The Cultural Front Line, How Can We Design a Better World - BBC – London, UK, 2018
London Design Biennale – Design for Impact – BBC - London, UK, 2018
Weaving The Social Fabric – Defining Communities Through Textile Design London Design Biennale 2018  – London, UK, 2018 
Nest – Handworker Economy Convening – New York City, NY, 2018
Conversa – Diseño Social – Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2017




World Wide Biennale of Interior Designers – Gold Medal for Residential Projects – Mexico City, Mexico. 2018
ASODI – Best Interior Design Firm in Guatemala - 2017
CIDI - Medalla de Oro IX Bienal de Interiorismo Proyecto La Esquina, CMDX - 2017
Public Medal – London Design Biennale – London, UK. - 2018
Exporter of The Year – Agexport 2015, Guatemala. - 2016
Best Handmade Product – Agexport 2014, Guatemala. – 2015
Pintando Santa Catarina Palopo, Premios Danta, 2018
Adra Hostal, Premios Danta 2018
XOOM, Recuperacion del Patrimonio Cultural Premios Danta 2017




For collaborations & inquiries please contact me at —
Email: id.olivero@diegoolivero.com
Phone: 917 536 2938
Instagram: @diegolivero