La Esquina

La Esquina


Interior Design – Olivero Bland Studio Graphic Design – Decontrol Studio
Architecture – Garaki
Photography – Marko Bradich


El Mercadito de La Esquina is a cultural commercial project in the trendy and up and coming neighborhood, Cuatro Grados Norte in Guatemala City . The design of the space is the result of the fusion of several creative minds that sought to reflect the modern re interpretation of Guatemalan culture, traditions, flavors, and colors. 

Through the space you can find several culinary stations,  which where inspired by the Guatemalan local markets with a contemporary and creative twist. The mix of colors on each station reflects Guatemalan ethnic and vibrant culture, the use or artisanal tiles through out the market creates a new experience as your discover the different stations, through the space. 

La Esquina Recently received a gold medal  at the IX Biennale of Interior Designers CIDI, in Mexico City.

Diego Olivero La Esquina 02.jpg
Diego Olivero La Esquina 09.jpg